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Remo KD0010-01 Kid Percussion Tubano Drum. Fabric Rain Forest 10"


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The Remo Kids Tubano Drum is a newly-designed, modern version of the traditional Afro-Cuban Conga drum. Although it can be played using the same techniques and patterns as the Conga drum, the 10 inch diameter of the Kids Tubano (too-bah-no) is slightly larger in size than the Kids Konga. It also has two other major differences. First, inside the Tubano is a special sound chamber that amplifies the low tones of the drum. Second, the Tubano features unique cut-outs at the bottom of the drum which allow more of the sound to escape while also making the drum more stable when played on the floor. Tubano has a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence. It's a floor drum that's nearly two feet tall, and delivers a big, big sound. Comes with a removable strap.