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Randall THRASHER50 2 Channel 50 Watt Guitar Head


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2 Channel /4 mode 50 Watt tube (4-12AX7/2-6L6) head with High & Low Frequency Gain controls, Full EQ on Channel 1, tone control for clean channel, global tube boost, Presence/Depth power amp voicing, Class A Discrete instrument level Loop, Heavy duty metal front/ rear grills, corners, footswitch included.

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50 Watt
2 Channel 4 Mode 50 Watt Tube (4-12AX7/2-6L6) Amp Head
Full EQ, Tone Control, Global Tube Boost, Presence/Depth Power Amp Voicing, Class A Discrete Instrument Level Loop, Heavy Duty Metal Front and Rear Grills, and an included Footswitch