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Qwik Tune QT3-U Quartz Metronome

Qwik Tune

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The QT3 - Qwik Time Metronome from Qwik Tune features a speaker, an LED lamp to indicate the tempo, and an LCD display to indicate the speed setting in beats per minute (BPM). It can be used with instruments to develop speed, accuracy, and to keep time for applications such rehearsals, recordings, and more. The QT3 also features an A440 Hz reference tone that allows instruments that play together to tune to the same pitch. In addition, the default tempo is 100 BPM. To increase the speed, press on the up arrow. To decrease the speed, press on the down arrow. The QT3 is powered by a 9V battery. It is built with a 1/8" mini earphone jack to listen with any headset.