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G7th C32013 Newport (12 String) Capo. Silver

G7TH - The Capo Company

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SKU: C32013

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Flip lever capo with fine tune adjustment for (12 String) guitars, featuring G7ths unique Compensated String Pad. It features a lightweight, low profile design that is easy on your fretting hand, while preserving the true tone of your guitar and dramatically reducing tuning issues.

A low-profile, flip lever guitar capo; simply flip the lever to clamp and fine-tune the tension for buzz-free, tuneful use.
Unique Compensated String Pad allows all 12 strings to fret at the same time and under the same tension, dramatically reducing tuning problems while fretting all 12 strings securely and accurately.
Harder string pad gives better tone.
No metal to wood contact on the neck means no dings! and Can be adjusted whilst in position on the neck unlike other flip lever capos.
Not suitable for Rickenbacker 12 string guitars due to the reversed octave string positions.

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