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DR Strings DSE-2/10 Dragon Skin Clear Coated Electric Guitar Strings. 10-46 (2-Pack)

DR Handmade Strings

UPC: 600781005319

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Dragon Skin Electric Guitar Strings feature DR's K3 Clear coating on a Nickel-plated steel wrap wire to prevent dirt and perspiration from reaching the round core wire, preventing corrosion. The K3 coating, which is applied to all strings in the set, is ultra-hard and doesn't dampen vibration like softer coatings can. The strings have more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation than uncoated strings.

10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46
K3? Coated applied to the wrap wire is extra hard to maintain string brightness while extending life
The coating eliminates unwanted overtones, helping projection, clarity and articulation
The nickel-plated steel wrap wire on a round core produces brightness and body

Warrantied against manufacturing defects