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Digital Food Dehydrator


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Dehydrate fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, jerky, and fruit rolls at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods. Dehydro digital electric food dehydrator includes 6 transparent drying trays, 2 fruit roll sheets, and 2 nonstick mesh screens. For added drying capacity, this model is expandable up to 12 trays (add-on trays sold separately). Select precise temperatures and times with the digital thermostat and timer. Choose drying temperatures from 90 to 165 F and drying times up to 48 hours; unit shuts off automatically. Drying progress is easy to monitor with see-through trays and cover. When not in use, the drying trays nest in the base for a 40% reduction in storage space. Dehydration maintains natural vitamins and minerals for healthy, nutritious snacks with no additives or preservatives. Dehydrate jerky made from your choice of meat, poultry, or seafood. Use fruit roll sheets to make homemade fruit rolls and strips from fresh, frozen, or canned fruit. The flexible nonstick mesh screens keep foods that get very small when dried, such as herbs, berries, and carrots, from falling through the tray grates and provide easy removal of foods that may stick to the grates, such as bananas and tomatoes. The bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistent air flow for optimum drying with no tray rotation necessary and no mixed flavors. Drying trays and cover are fully immersible and dishwasher safe. Cord stores in base. Accessories sold separately: Additional fruit roll sheets and nonstick mesh screens. Jerky gun and classic jerky seasoning.