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CAD Audio TX1610 Bodypack Transmitter for WX1600 Series Wireless.


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The TX1610 UHF Bodypack Transmitter from CAD Audio is designed for use with the RX1600 receiver. The transmitter features a 4-pin connector for connecting a compatible microphone or instrument cable, a SoftTouch power switch for on/off and mute/unmute functions, a tri-color LED indicator for audio and battery status, as well as an infRared node for Scan-Link operation. The transmitter is powered by two AA batteries for about 15 hours of operation.

Frequency Response:40Hz - 15KHz
Transmit power:10mW
AA Batteries with:>15hrs battery life
Accommodates:TA4F type connector
Optimized for instrument:via pin 3, Optimized for microphone:via pin 4