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CAD Audio STAGE7 Drum Microphone Pack



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Stage 7 - Seven-piece drum mic pack: The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, with integrated clips, one D19 dynamic snare drum mic, with integrated clip, and 2 C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. The pack includes a vinyl carrying case with strap for easy transport and storage.

Includes Microphones C9, D10, D19, D29
C9 Polar Pattern: Cardioid, D29 Polar Pattern: Cardioid, D19 Polar Pattern: Supercardioid, D10 Polar Pattern: Cardioid
C9 Frequency Response: 40Hz -13KHz, D29 Frequency Response: 90Hz -13KHz, D19 Frequency Response: 90Hz -14KHz, -6d, D10 Frequency Response: 50Hz -16KHz