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CAD Audio GXL1200 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


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GXL1200 Condenser Microphone Point-source transduction, field-effect detection, and pure high voltage. Capture your instrumentation with exacting detail using the GXL1200 condenser mic. The GXL1200 condenser mic from CAD Audio is inspired cosmetically, mechanically, and electrically by early generations of European masters. A mic clip and protective pouch are included. P48 (48V) phantom power is required. Condenser-Style Microphone for Instrument Recording. The CAD Audio GXL1200 condenser microphone consists of a thin conductive membrane stretched very close to a stationary plate. High voltage is applied between the membrane and the plate. As the membrane vibrates, electrons move. These moving electrons are sensed as voltage. This voltage can be strengthened (but not necessarily increased) by silicon. The cardioid polar pattern is ideal for field-effect recording for vocals and instruments, but it also works well for live applications. Use condenser mics to get a Clear directional recording of choirs, acoustic instruments, strings, piano, and cymbals/overheads. Included Mic Clip and Carrying Pouch. The GXL1200 comes complete with a mic clip and a protective carrying pouch for easy transport and set up. (A mic stand is not included.)

Operating Principle: Externally-biased condenser, Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 30Hz to 20KHz, Sensitivity: -36dBV (16mV) @ 1 Pa
Impedance: 100 ohms, Equivalent Noise Level: +14dB (A-weighted)
Power: P24V or P48V Phantom Power, Connector: 3 pin XLR
Phasing: Positive pressure on diaphragm generates a positive voltage on pin #2 relative to pin #3