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CAD Audio E60 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


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The e60 is equipped with a standard 5/8x27 threaded swivel adaptor which fits most microphone stands. Adaptors are widely available in order to make the e60 fit smaller thread mic stands. The e60 is designed specifically for use as an instrument microphone for overheads, hi-hats and pianos. The e60 is great for virtually all acoustic, wind, and amplified instruments. One of the most popular uses for the e60 is in miking drum sets, ideally in an overhead type configuration. The e60 also excels at miking stringed instruments such as acoustic guitars. The e60 has a four position roll-off which allows for extended tuning of the frequency response at the microphone for your particular application. (See the frequency response chart for more details). The e60 is also equipped with a -10dB pad switch to reduce the output level of the microphone by 10dB accordingly. If your board is clipping or distorting when using the e60, try switching the pad switch to the -10dB position. Alternatively, if your are not getting enough signal from the microphone, switch the pad switch to the 0dB position. The e60 microphone uses a true condenser microphone element. As with any studio condenser microphone, special care should be taken to keep the microphone clean and dry. It is highly recommended the e60 be stored in its included vinyl pouch in a cool, dry environment to ensure long life of the capsule when not in use. If the e60 is used in a vocal application, it is very important to use a fabric pop filter such as a CAD EPF-15A positioned between the user and the microphone. Pop filters do not adversely effect the performance of the microphone in any way.

Type:Front Address, Externally Biased Condenser, Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Frequency Response:30-20 kHz, Impedance:300 ohms, Sensitivity:-41 dBV (8.9mV) @ 1Pa
Equivalent Noise Level:22 dB Equivalent SPL, A weighted, Maximum SPL:140 dB SPL (with pad on), 1% THD, 1KHz
Powering:P24, P48, 6mA
Connector:Three pin male XLR type.