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Barcus Berry 1457 Piezo Transducer

Barcus Berry

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Perfect for recording, broadcast or live performances where its high-level output and feedback rejection are most needed. Mounts on top of the guitar adjacent to the bridge. For use with virtually any flat top or arch top guitar. Installation requires no tools nor alterations to the instrument. Quality Materials & Components Included: Pickup/Transducer: Piezo transducer for external mount with adhesive mounting strip attached Output Jack: For external mount with adhesive mount attached Adhesive mounting strips for transducer (6) Adhesive mounting strips for output jack (3) Installation instructions Preamp: Not included; Not required Ideal For: Balalaika, Berimbau, Drums, Guitar, Guitarron, Kalimba, Koto, Lute, Sitar, Steel Drum, Ukulele, Zither, Tap Floor, Any Wooden Instrument

Barcus Berry's highest output guitar pickup in the Barcus-Berry line!
Compatible with virtually any flat top or arch top guitar, instrument or surface.
Installation of the 1457 requires no tools or alterations to the instrument.