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AKG Perception 45 Sports Wireless System. Band-A


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The AKG Perception Wireless Sports Set is a lightweight, headworn wireless microphone system that allows for maximum user mobility during sports class instruction and all other hands-free applications. The system includes the SR 45 wireless receiver, PT 45 bodypack transmitter and the C 544 L headworn microphone. The C 544 L is a headworn miniature condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and convenient behind-the-neck headband. The microphone body containing the condenser transducer is shock mounted on the microphone arm in order to suppress cable and mechanical noise. The microphone arm places the mic in front of the corner of your mouth, rather than directly in front of your mouth. This is to minimize pop noise and protect the microphone from contamination. Furthermore, a moisture shield on the microphone capsule is designed to make it difficult for sweat and makeup to penetrate into the microphone. To help you find an interference-free channel to use, the Perception Wireless Sports Set has 8 UHF frequencies to choose from. Designed for long-lasting continuous use, the compact PT 45 bodypack is powered with a single AA battery for up to 8 hours. The SR 45 receiver provides XLR and 1/4" jack outputs for connection to your mixer and amplification system. Includes 1X SR45 Receiver 1X PT45 Body-pack transmitter 1X C544 L Head-worn microphone 1X Universal power supply US

8 Selectable Frequencies
Miniature PT 45 Bodypack
C 544 L Headworn Microphone
SR 45 Receiver
Moisture Shield Protects Mic From Sweat